Tekta worked with one of the UK’s leading meat processors to provide a unique solution to their requirements for improved safety, hygiene and temperature control to their loading bays.

This project involves two loading doorways for one of the UK’s leading meat processors.  The loading doors are used for loading packaged meat products into chilled vehicles bound for destinations such as major UK supermarkets.
The loading area is chilled at below 8°C and the doors are required to maintain both temperature and hygiene control.  The facility is strictly audited and also energy efficiency is an important factor for the client.  The existing loading bay doors were traditional non-insulated steel roller shutters which had become damaged and corroded.
The existing doors were in need of replacement due to damage and corrosion.  However, they were also performing well below the required standards as they were not insulated and did not seal.  The client was looking to increase productivity, temperature & hygiene control and also safety in the area.
The challenge which the client faced was that the loading area was very limited in headroom due to the chiller units and other services above the doors.  Therefore an insulated sectional door could not fit in, however a roller shutter would not provide the required air-tightness.
Tekta attended site to survey and discuss the issues with the client.  After a thorough analysis of their requirements and a discussion with the Engineering team and the Factory manager it was decided to opt for Rollashield SD Compact doors.
The Rollashield SD Compact door is a fully insulated and sealed door with a 40mm thick composite panel.  However, unlike a sectional door it stacks at the head of the opening, requiring a similar amount of headroom to a roller shutter.
The doors were supplied and installed to the existing building with no requirement for additional steelwork.  The doors are in a blue external finish providing a smart appearance in the front elevation of the building.  A Salvo safety system was also supplied and installed which is interlocked with the doors and improves the safety of the loading procedure.
The client is very impressed with the new doors which provide excellent energy efficiency and a seal against the ingress of pests or airflow.  The doors also operate very smoothly and quietly which is a big improvement on the old roller doors!




Location:   Yorkshire

Client:        Confidential

Industry:    Meat Processing

Product:     Rollashield SD Compact


Rollashield CD Compact Stacking Sectional Overhead Doors

Rollashield CD Compact doors offer excellent weather resistance and insulation combined with minimal headroom.




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