GR Wright’s wide range of bakery products have been renowned throughout many generations for their superior characteristics.


GR Wright’s wide range bakery products have been renowned throughout many generations for their superior characteristics. Through a combination of skills and investment, the company continues to strive for product quality and value improvement.Armashield worked with Chalcroft Construction on Wright’s £4M new factory.  The new building is a world-class production facility, designed to allow Wright’s to continue their expansion long into the future.

The Challenge:

The client had two major concerns about the specification of the internal speed doors for the factory; these were pest control, and the ability to self-repair in the event of impact from forklifts. In this industry contamination is a major threat to products so it was of paramount importance that the doors were well-sealed to minimise this risk.  Wright’s had also had some issues with damaged and unreliability of the doors at their old factory. However after reviewing several doors they had not been satisfied with the solutions available.

The Solution:

GR Wright’s Production Director liked what he saw on paper regarding the Rapidor Impact doors but he wasn’t going to leave anything to chance so he asked to visit a previous installation.  He was impressed with what he saw; in particular the zipper guide met his criteria for both sealing and air-tightness. Armashield proceeded with manufacture and installation of two sets of doors for the airlocks and three larger doors in the internal Factory dividing wall.


The airlock doors included an automatic interlock system to ensure the doors could not be opened at the same time and a timer so the second door opens automatically; this helps to minimise the risk of contamination and helps ensure smooth and productive through-flow for the forklifts. GR Wright have been pleased with the speed doors and have recently ordered another Rapidor to the same specification for their original factory which features a 17th Century Mill.



Location:  Enfield

Client:        Chalcroft/ GR Wright & Sons

Industry:    Food


Rapidor Impact Self-Repairing Speed Door

The Rapidor Impact fast-acting door is designed for high use doorways where a barrier is required for hygiene, safety, or temperature control.



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