It is essential that your doors are cared for throughout their lifespan to maximise their usefulness, safety and reliability. Tekta understand the inconvenience, expense and frustration caused by doors failing through neglect and lack of maintenance, that’s why we want to ensure this need never happen again. Our staff care passionately about our customers and ensure you’ll receive individual attention and the very highest standards of care. With our programme of exclusive LifeLong offers and benefits you have the peace of mind that your door is in safe hands and any cost and disruption for you will be minimised.

Our LifeLong programme recognises that for many customers on-going care and support is just as important as the products themselves. LifeLong is designed to ensure that doorways continue to perform and help to achieve your business objectives and deliver a comprehensive but straightforward and hassle-free after sales service which will reduce costs for our clients in the long-term.


It is essential that products such as industrial doors are cared for throughout their lifespan to maximise their usefulness, safety and reliability and to comply with Health and Safety regulations. Our trained engineers will attend site, carry out inspection of the products and carry out maintenance such as lubrication. They will also spot early warning signs of failing doors and help ensure that disaster doesn’t strike! After the service we will provide a certificate and a post-service report detailing any issues which have been identified. The report will also include a list of our recommended remedial works for the equipment.


Significant inconvenience, expense and frustration can be caused by doors failing through neglect and lack of maintenance. The LifeLong reactive repairs service seeks to minimise the effect of these issues on your business.

Your LifeLong package can be tailored to your needs in terms of call-out response times, emergency help lines and so on. The package includes reminders when servicing is due, as well as discounted rates on new doors and parts. The complete package provides you with the peace of mind that your doorways are in safe hands and that future costs and disruption will be minimised.

LifeLong is our promise that we’ll be with you for the long road ahead…



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